(Source: the daily newspaper "Alto Adige" of 13.3.2001)

Michael Jackson in Italy
Precisely he arrived to Solda, near Merano in
Alto Adige.

Michael Jackson arrived to the Ortles, for two days. He was really him: the great singer. He was not a double. He came with his agents and his body-guards for relaxing a little bit and because he was going to clinch some deals. 

On account of this event Solda will enter into the history and it will obtain a lot of free publicity. Everything happened thanks to the brilliance of Paul Hanny that should do all sort of things for Solda. This time he didn't belive that would have recived a prize so wonderful.

Michael Jackson arrived to the Ortles Friday in the afternoon. He arrived by a Mercedes that had impenetrable glasses. Behind there was another car with his body-guards, his managing director Kathleen A. Kelly and the other manager Myung-Ho Lee. The singer had been picked up at the airport of Innsbruck where he had landed by his private jet after a flight from London. The big artist had to face a problem: he felt a big pain at the right ankle plastered for a long time. The staff of Michael had called Solda's doctor, she had prescribed him some pills and the pain vanished.

Michael went to bed at 8 p.m. for a brief rest, then he got up and he dined with his managers and his body-guards. Michael ate speck, cheese of Stelvio malga and he drank mineral water only. From Merano came the "La Zag" group that played some songs for half an hour and they were really excited. Solda inhabitants gave to the great artist a bank note of ten "Sulden Tschosch" (this bank note has printed for enjoyment). He also recived a decorated stone that had been taken from Ortles. He appreciated a little bunch of edelweisses: Michael didn't know those flowers. Jackson went to bed early and his staff went to dance at the Solda "Apres Club". 

Saturday morning Michael had to clinch some deals, then he was ready to go to Innsbruck's airport. Suddenly he decided of staying at Solda and he said: "I want to see the village, here is pleasing". The staff phoned to Innsbruck and the take-off was cancelled. The great artist began reading, he was always alone. He met some persons for deals then at 6 p.m. he decided to go for a walk around Solda. He got up on his car and he wished to see typical places. He was fascinated by the mountains, by cableway which goes up to Milano Hut and by artificial icy wall built at village. Nobody noticed his presence. Michael seemed to be happy because he was able to isolate himself. 

At the evening Paul Hanny persuated Michael to dine in a typical restaurant. Hanny guaranteed him the privacy and Jackson agreed. He ate at "Hartmann's Weinstube" and he was served at table by Mrs. Johanna and her daughters. He ate "spaghetti" with fish and mussels and he appreciated them very much. Restaurant's guests didn't move when the artist got up for going to the bathroom. Somebody recognized him but nobody disturbed him. 

Michael webt to bed at 9 p.m. Sunday morning Michael stayed at home, because he had to meet someone probably for getting deals. He ate quickly and then he left for Innsbruck. Paul Hanny remember with a great emotion that Michael had asked him to drive the car and he was very happy to do it. The body-guards and his managers followed Jackson' car along all journey. At Innsbruck airport Hanny arrived at the Jackson's personal plane ramp surrounded by some agents. Michael came down his car and embraced Hanny for a long time. He left him a special dedication too with his autograph. Paul Hanny was very touched.

PILLS FROM DOCTOR FOR ANKLE PAIN. Doctor Raffaella Ortler Stocker said: "I didn't wait this kind of patient". Friday evening the doctor, that has her ambulatory at the village, recived a call for a medical examination that she didn't forsee. She said:" I knew that there was a famous guest but I didn't think that was Michael Jackson, a singer that I love very much. It had been a very quick examination: the artist had a break at the ankle and it was plastered. He felt much pain, probably caused by the stress and the tiredness for the jet lag and for his journey from Innsbruck to Solda by car. I prescribed him some pills for calming his pain. I exchanged a few words with him, using a little bit of English that I learnt at school. He was a normal patient for me, but honestly I have to say that I was excited because in front of me there was a great artist that behaved me very kindly".

WHY AT SOLDA? How is it possible that an artist so famous had chosen this village situated to the Ortles for a short holiday? Everything started from a request that an entrepreneur asked to Paul Hanny, Solda's promoter, for having a house in a typical Tyrolese style built. The entrepreneur, that was Solda guest for long time, entrusted everything to Hanny who called Venosta artisans, so carried out the building in a short time. The entrepreneur, that invested a lot of money for this "Bauernhaus", was enthusiastic for his new house. He thanked a lot Paul Hanny and he promised him "a big favour for getting Solda known better".

The German entrepreneur in that period was making perfect a lot of agreements with Jackson's staff: he thought of defining them at Solda. So the entrepreneur had phoned to some people for defining all details concerning at the short stay that was at "Bauernhaus" last wekkend. The great Michael so arrived to the Ortles: Paul Hanny was delighted!