Here it's sunny......and here it's rainy




The last lights of the day shine Beltovo Peak (3214 m) on the left side and the glacier of Cima Solda (3376 m) on the right side.




Sight of the valley from above

1) From the south, near the station of the cableway (2600 m), it is possible to see the course of the valley. From distance the first Austrians mountains appear. On the right side the tops of Croda di Cengles (3375 m) and Zay valley.

2) Very beautiful the sight from Tabaretta Hut (2556 m). From the left side Cima Vertana (3546 m), Scudo Peak (3461 m), Laste Peak (3422 m), Peder di Dentro Peak (3295 m), Beltovo Peak (3324 m), Cima Madriccio (3265 m) and Cima Pozzo (330 m). In lower-right part the path that comes from K2 Hut (2330 m), in the wood at the center of the photo the ski-sloper that comes down from Pulpito Hut (2348 m).




Coston Hut (2661 m)

The little lake that you can see in the photo is formed every year from the melting of the snow and it doesn't survive under the sun of August. On the background from the right side Beltovo Peak (3214 m), Laste Peak (3422 m) and Cima Vertana (3546 m).




The glacier

The balconies of ice, the seracs and the clefts don't stop climbers that, when the weather is good, crowd the glacier of Ortles. If you pay attention, you'll see them in this photo too...




Coston Lake

Here is the little lake of Coston with the view that you can admire from Coston Hut. From the left side Gran Zebrý (3851 m) and Zebrý (3735 m). In the middle ther's Solda Pass (3427 m) with the big pourong of ice of the Solda hanging glacier.




The city's shepard

Cows tolerate with pleasure the attentions of the improbable shepards...




...and sometimes they are a little bit curious!





The party

Every year at the Mid-August holidays Solda inhabitants organize a party for all tourists and during this party tourists eat kilos of "wurstel mit kartoffen" (sausage with chips) and they drink liters of "Spezi" (a drink with cola and lemonade).




The flowers

Summer, even if it's brief, allows the blossom of a great variety of cloured flowers and they create a beautiful contrast between stone and snow.




Payer Hut (3029 m)

On the crest that descends to the Ortles you can find the hut dedicated to Julius Payer: it was built in 1875. The path, which reaches Payer Hut, leaves from Solda and it's quite hard (4 hours), but climbers can get one's breath back at Tabaretta Hut (2556 m). The view from Payer Hut is so beautiful that you'll forget the long walk!




Ortles (3905 m)

This photo has been taken from Trafoi valley, from which you can see the other Ortles slope (Solda is situated on the other part of the mountain). Here the glacier exhibits some balconies that are very high. 





Dangerous excursions... 

Sometimes signposts that point to the paths are not very clear...






Historical photo

Title is not exagerated. Unfortunately in June 2001, on account of plentiful snowfalls of the previous winter, the ice sculpture on the top of Gran Zebrý, named "Meringue", has crumbled. 




Now Gran Zebrý is in this way. Probably the "Meringue" will never form again.





Payer Hut

Trees of wood don't overlay the view completely and sometimes they offer images much more beautiful.