There are 2 paths to reach the hut.

Number 12 starts from Sulden Hotel and going up through the wood (where early in the morning it's easy to see squirrels) it will bring you to the fork for Rosim Valley. Here you have to turn to Pulpito Hut and go on a large path on the left side of Zay Valley: at this point the path is closed due to danger of landslide. So you take path number 12a that brings you down in Zay Valley to path number 5 and then to Serristori Hut. LENGTH: 3 HOURS

Number 5 goes up through Zay Valley at the left of the river. The first part in the wood is quite hard, then there are two "hills" haunted by cows and finally the last part on right side of valley. LENGTH: 2.5 HOURS

See panoramic picture of the hut in "Photos" page